Yahoo charging insane amount for domain renewals?

Just got my credit card statement containg a 35$ charge from Yahoo! domains for renewal of my domain ! WTF? I thought that the regular renewal rate was 9.95$. Why the fuck should I pay 4 times the amount?

A little googling revealed that the renewal rate was quadrupled in July and apparently, all the users were sent notifications. I did not receive any notifications.

Also, there was no alert sent this time that they are going to charge my credit card. They usually sent out alerts 45, 30. and 15 days in advance. I called the customer care. After waiting for 30 minutes to speak to a human, and another 45 minutes for him to “fetch information as to why I did not receive the notifications”, I got the following reply:

Sir, I have been asked to inform you that we do send notifications 45, 30 and 15 days before we charge your credit card. We do not know why you did not receive the notification.

When I asked him if I will get a refund upon cancellation, he said:

Sir, that depends on various circumstances. And in your case it will not be possible as we have already paid the domain registrar.

WTF? Is this their new strategy to prevent bankruptcy?

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