DoT approves 3G video calling (3G is coming)


3G is coming. As per the latest news, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has given a go ahead the operators to launch 3G video calling services in India with an undertaking from every operator that they will provide necessary options to the government to intercept 3G video calls.

A few weeks back, when all the pan india private operators were on the brink of rolling out their 3G services, the DoT intervened and stopped them saying that they cannot allow the commercial launch of 3G services unless they have means to intercept and monitor 3G video calls. It was a total KLPD for both the operators and consumers as everyone was totally geared up for the 3G launch. Even Tata Docomo and Reliance, who had already launched their 3G service before this fiasco were asked to hold off on 3G video calls until further notice.

Let’s hope that there are no more stupid issues now and 3G sees the dawn of the day in India.

[ via Business Insider]

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