Airtel gearing up to launch 3G services in India; iPhone 4 and iPad in handset list


One of the preferred wireless carrier in India, Bharti Airtel is gearing up to roll out its 3G services across their circles in India. Airtel has launched a micro site dedicated to providing information on their 3G services in India. Airtel had previously announced their 3G data cards in India signaling the proposed launch of 3G services.

The micro site provides general information about 3G capabilities, comparison between 2G and 3G and information on various other value added services that will be offered from Airtel.

There is also a page where you can check if your mobile device is 3G enabled or not. More specifically, the page tells you if your device is HSPA or wCDMA. HSPA devices are much faster than wCDMA devices in terms of data speed. So if your device comes out to be wCDMA, now is the time to upgrade.

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Interestingly, the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad also appear in the list of devices alongside iPhone 3G and 3GS. Neither iPhone 4 nor iPad has been officially launched in India yet. Their presence in the list signals a launch in the near future. Although, a lot of devices in the list aren’t available in India and this might very well turn out to be just a hunch, however, a few days back, Airtel also became the first wireless carrier in India to offer micro SIM cards. Both iPhone 4 and iPad 3G need micro SIM cards and this move also pointed to an imminent launch of these devices in India.

In any case, this is super good news for people who are already using MTNL or BSNL 3G services. Although the state run operators are doing a decent job providing good 3G speeds within 3G coverage area, its their voice coverage which totally sucks. With Airtel, one can be sure that voice coverage in addition to 3G coverage will be excellent.


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  1. good article and information about 3g in India. Thankfully my BB Bold is HSPA so no need to upgrade 😛

  2. […] when Indians were looking forward to finally be able to justify the 3G enabled handsets they have been buying since the last 5 years, […]

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