Japanese Professor Invents A Creepy Doll Phone

Creepy Japanese Doll Phone

This is as creepy as Japanese scientists can get. This creepy doll that looks to me like a hybrid between a foetus and an alien is actually a telepresence device (in other words a futuristic phone). The doll is actually a robot called Elfoid and it transmits voice as well as motion. It uses an advanced motion-capture system that sends across your face and head movements to the other person. So imagine the doll will be talking to you and making facial expressions like the caller is.

Elfoid was developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro who teaches at Osaka University and has created Androids that resemble himself. Ahead are more pictures and a video showing the doll-phone in detail.

Phew, the thought itself makes me shudder. That’s Sci-Fi beyond the grasp of my primitive brain.

[IEEE via TNW]

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