Nokia and Microsoft partner for a Windows 7 phone! [Rumor]

This is one of the most unthinkable yet possible rumor I’ve heard this month. We already know that Nokia made fun of Android and doesn’t plan to use it but we never thought that they will find a partner in the Redmond camp. Nokia has always had a good relationship with Microsoft with respect to Silverlight and Office applications on Symbian.¬†Eldar Murtazin, the russian founder of and someone known and trusted by the industry regarding mobile phone predictions and leaks, suggests that Nokia has started talking with Microsoft and a Windows 7 phone is a real possibility!

Although I’m not much of a fan of Nokia these days and Windows Phone 7 hasn’t got me much interested yet, the combination might end up in some really good phones. Imagine Windows Phone 7 on the Macbook like Nokia N9. Very interesting, to say the least.

Windows 7 on Nokia N9 (Not real, yet)

What do you think, Can Microsoft save Nokia?

[Mobile-Review via TheNextWeb]

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