Apple looking to buy EA! [Rumors]


I just read over at Kotaku that there is a rumor going around financial types that Apple is planning to buy EA! I believe Kotaku when they say it’s crazy, interesting and most likely meaningless at the same time. But what if it does happen?

Whereas Apple is known for all the innovations in the industry, EA is infamous for minting money out of recycling old franchises and publishing the famous ones again and again with minor updates. It’d be interesting to see EA being as creative and innovative as Apple. Maybe we’ll get more games like Mirror’s Edge (with a better story) and Dead Space.

On the bad side Apple might start forcing you to buy an iPod for all your Sims.

Anyway, I’m eagerly waiting!

[via – Kotaku]

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  1. yogee says:

    So I can expect good Mac games in future 🙂

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