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It seems like Apple doesn’t like people to stay organized. Why else did they not put any To-Do app on the iPhone!

Thankfully there are gazillions of such apps on the AppStore. I personally like this simple app called To Do’s.
But I have always had a problem with all these To-Do apps. They allow me to manage a list of tasks, categorize them and what not, but who’d remind me to look at that list! I want my To-Do list to be flashed to me as many times as possible.

RemindMe provides a simple solution.
It makes your To-Do list your wallpaper. Now unless you’re too stubborn to let go of your favorite Megan Fox wallpaper (or to a lesser chance “M$ sucks” wallpaper) this works great.

You get multiple wallpaper templates to choose from and they look great too.

You can choose from multiple Wallpaper styles

You can choose from multiple Wallpaper styles

But wait, as always, there’s a catch. Actually, a big one this time. Since Apple does not give access to the Wallpaper setting API, RemindMe just creates a wallpaper and stores it in your Camera Roll. You have to manually select it and set it as a wallpaper. Now that’s unbelievably clumsy. Also, It’s very possible that you update your To-Do list and forget to set the Wallpaper.

There are other little quirks as well. First, there is no actual To-Do list! You just have a blank text area where you can write whatever you like and set it as your wallpaper. Ok, we know you were trying to make the experience like Post It notes but at least one template for a proper list would’ve been nice!
Second, the fonts get all blurry after actually setting the wallpaper. This is probably a scaling issue which can be fixed in some updates.

To-Do list as wallpaper

Your To-Do list as wallpaper (Note the blurry fonts)


RemindMe can be purchased for just $0.99 on the iTunes AppStore. Even if it was a free app, I’d not give it my full recommendation. But, due to lack of alternatives, I’ve been using it. And yes, it helps a lot.

So, if you keep forgetting about stuff you should buy it. It’s not a great experience, but It sure does what it’s meant to do.

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