The Quad-Core Mobile Chipset war reaches a new high

The race to be the fastest mobile processor reached an interesting new high today after Qualcomm announced their Quad-Core chipset for mobile phones which clock at 2.5Ghz. This was in response to the earlier NVIDIA’s Quad-Core TEGRA 3 processor rumor/leak – which runs at 1.5Ghz. Every mobile phone you own now, has now become obsolete and slow – Damn you "Chipset manufacturers" Happy now?

Personally I hate it that when hardware gets faster, people write bad software (as it runs fast anyway) leaving us to be doomed sometime in the future (instead of now).


So you might ask, what’s the benefit of having a faster processor on a mobile phone which you’re only going to use for calls/send emails? No, you’ll soon be doing more stuff with it, like

  • Better and faster multi-tasking – It’s got 4 cores which run 2.5Ghz (per core) –
  • This is 12x faster than the original Snapdragon and uses less power (There you go, you’re just saved the battery life too).
  • Does better video processing out of the box (records and plays at higher FPS).
  • Will include the latest Adreno GPU (can play games upto 60fps) and display 3D video and output 1080p video playback to a TV over HDMI.

The chipset is being built on a new microprocessor technology by the name of "Krait". These chipsets will contain the 4 connectivity solutions – WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth & Radio. They will also incorporate NFC, 3D record and playback.

The technology is yet to be adopted by the phone hardware companies, so don’t expect this to be out anytime before next year (2012). If you’re looking for the fastest phone in the market now, you should start here.

[Via Qualcomm Press & MobileCrunch]

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