iPhone 3G – Best selling phone in the US, worst sales in India

Apple iPhone 3G has surpassed Motorola’s Razr to become the best selling mobile handset in the US. Approx 7 million iPhones were sold in the last quarter surpassing Motorola Razr as well as the BlackBerry Curve.

According to NPD (leading wireless research firm) the top handset models in rank order, based on unit sales in Q3, were as follows:

  1. Apple iPhone 3G
  2. Motorola RAZR V3 (all models)
  3. RIM Blackberry Curve (all models)
  4. LG Rumor
  5. LG enV2

However, here in India, thanks to the insane and absurd price, Apple has managed to sell only 4000 handsets. This is a matter of shame both for Apple as well as the carriers (Airtel & Vodafone) that the world’s favourite handset is out of reach of more than 90% people in the world’s 2nd largest telecom market.

Instead of collectively sorting out the issue, Airtel & Vodafone are putting all the blame on Apple. They say that Apple controls the price of iPhone 3G in India and they have no say in it. Apparently, these guys haven’t  heard of a thing called “contract”.

In this game of cat and mice, the end losers are the customers.

[Via Gizmodo, Digital Inspiration]

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4 Responses to this post

  1. karim says:

    can any one kindly tell me the name of top ten best selling cell phones in india??

    people are just posting with names nokia or se but model no is not mentioned. can anyone just do me a favour and tell me the model no too….thanks

  2. Arvind J.S. Sehdev says:

    these Iphone guys are stupid they should have seen the market in India first before making such a big deal about iphone…

    Earlier it was stated that Iphone is for about 8k and when the prices opened it was opened for a price of 30k

    that is a price on which a very few can afford

    plus the features like forwarding a message, bluetooth transfers are not allowed on Iphone – any other phone and vice versa so WHY should people in India should go in for this piece of trash…

    Iphone is an excellent phone I agree to it but they need to cut some slack in their rules when it comes to India….

    Their stubbornness when they are launching something outside their home country…

    They should reduce their amount in India and enable basic features like bluetooth transfers… Cause not everybody can afford Iphone and all those who have one cannot even transfer the precious moments of theirs or others life via phones…..

  3. Gaurav says:

    Hi there in no case apple phone wins any of the Nokia E series phone , in terms of performace , Price & user friendly design .

    Following are the reason why I phone is a flop in India

    1) Price – Above 20 K I phone has to compete with may well known phone from Samsung , Blackberry & nokia

    2) poor Camera performance – Only 2 M P ( Do they Think Indians are just Hush hush – No body would be ready to pay 30K for 2 MP camera phone without flash where as at 10K only we get 3.2 MP camera

    3) Bad barnding at retail outlets of Hutch & Airtel – It seems no body is ever interested in selling I phone at Hutch & Airtel Showrooms

    4) No bluetooth independence – I cannot just load the music from my Laptop to I phone using a bluetooth , every time I have to purchase the songs from I phone – Pay in dollars, Stupid Apple I phone people

    5) Lack of downloadable applications from internet – All the SDKs of I phone are locked & there are no forums for I phone as in the case of Symbian phone

    I think getting I phone is a stupid thought at 30 K in this price a decent laptop could be purchased.

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