Google Nexus S working with MTNL 3G in India


You probably know by now that Nexus S is currently the best Android phone you can buy. It was launched on 16th December 2010 in the US through Best Buy. The phone is currently available in the US unlocked or locked with T mobile. The unlocked one retails for $530 plus taxes which comes close to 26k in INR. Not bad. But does it work properly in India? Will you be able to utilize all its features here in India if you happen to get yourself an unlocked one from the US?

We have an unlocked nexus S bought from the US and we can confirm that it works well over MTNL’s 3G network in India. Here are some pics to confirm:



The phone is packed with lots of super awesome features and is a great buy if you are traveling to the US or have some friend coming from there.

Here are the APN settings you will need:

MTNL 3G (prepaid):

  • APN: pps3g
  • username: mtnl
  • password: mtnl123

MTNL 3G (postpaid):

  • APN: mtnl3g
  • username: mtnl
  • password: mtnl123

So all of you who were planning to buy this phone can confidently go ahead and buy one to use in India.

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11 Responses to this post

  1. Gaurav R says:

    I did 😀 and I’m loving it

  2. Vinni says:

    Hey what are those super awesome features you talking here?
    And how good it is compairing to iPhone 4?

  3. Sashi says:

    What about other operators like Airtel/Idea/Docomo/…?
    Does the Nexus S work on the other operator networks as well?

  4. Ashish says:

    hi can anyone here tell me why i am unable to make any OUTGOING calls on my nexus s using mtnl dolphin 3g?? i can receive calls but cant make any…any help is welcome.

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