Train late but woke up early? PYKA Solves Your Travel Woes

Whenever I travel by train I often rely on my phone alarm to wake me up at the scheduled arrival time. If you know one thing about the Indian Railways, it’s never on time. There are a probably gazillion reasons for a train to be late despite having no real "traffic jams", but hey – it still happens. Ever woke up early even though the train was a couple of hours late? And all we do is curse the railways and wait.


So this new service called PYKA solves your train travel woes by calling you (repeatedly)alerting you through an SMS (a call would be better I’d say) a few minutes before the train reaches the destination. This is way better than a preset alarm.

To use this you need to send an SMS to register your mobile number, train number and the destination station code in this format

PYKA <TRAIN-NUMBER> <STATION-CODE> and send it to 92200 92200


Here’s an introduction video which surely cracked us up.


I think it’s high time Indian Railways had their own such service.
If you try out the service, let us know in the comments.

[Via IdeoPhone]

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