LG Optimus Black: The World’s Thinnest Android with NOVA

LG has official announced that the latest Optimus Android phone would be called "Optimus Black" and would be the world’s thinnest smart phone too.
This is the next Optimus phone after the previously announced LG Optimus Star 2X. LGOptimusBlack

The phone has a 4 inch display screen and features a new screen technology called "NOVA" which should bring down the power consumption by 50% (when used in indoors – probably got something to do with brightness auto-correction) when compared to regular LCD screens and also supposedly would be the World’s brightest screen. It’s not clear yet which processor it comes with, but I am guessing most of the 2011 phones would go the dual core way with NVIDIA Tegra 2 (similar to LG Optimus Star).

Is it better than the AMOLED technology that’s being used? Well, time will tell.

Also it’s supposed to be the world’s thinnest Android (among all the smart phones too?) with a 9.2 mm design. Has a front 2MP Camera for better Video conferencing. We saw that Samsung Announced their "World’s thinnest Android" earlier today too. So let them fight it out on this. All we care is that the phone shouldn’t break the moment it falls down accidentally and fits well in our pocket.

Also it would run Android (2.2 FroYo upgradable to 2.3) with "Optimus UI" and a boat load of crap ware too. This phone will be in the markets by the first half of 2011.

[Via TheNextWeb and LG Press]

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  1. […] from it’s older brother i.e. the Galaxy S. It’s also over 0.2mm thinner than the LG Optimus Black which is also claiming to be the thinnest phone ever. Just to compare it’s also 0.3 mm […]

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