Which Programming Language Makes You Curse More?

If you have done some amount of serious programming, you can’t deny that you’ve cursed the language. No matter how good a programming language is, there are situations where all a programmer can do is just curse out loud. But not once did I ever think someone will actually map some stats and come up with an actual figure showing which language is the best at making you curse!

Andrew Vos did the same as a weekend project. He took the same number of commit messages from 8 popular programming languages from GitHub. Then he scanned them for the 7 dirty words of English language and mapped them into a bar chart. Since he took the same number of check-ins from each language, the popularity of language does not count. The results are shown ahead.

Which Programming Languages Make You Curse More?

As it’s clear from the chart C++ wins the prize in a tight race. Javascript and Ruby follow right behind. C is pretty far behind and Java and C# follow. Python and PHP are considerably low when it comes to cursing inspiration. They are the Zen languages.

In my opinions, Perl will beat any of these hands down. Amongst these maybe Javascript or C. Python will win for sure.

What do you think? Which is the most curseword-inspiring language in your opinion?

[via WebMonkey]

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7 Responses to this post

  1. Gaurav Rajasekar says:

    C. I effin’ hate C. Especially the compiler on windows (use gcc on linux usually) TurboC. Can only use it reliably on XP without it making me curse it ten thousand times.

  2. Amritash says:

    Where is the option for VB, .net !!
    Started learning python, feels every previous ones are creepy 😉

  3. Ugeror says:

    Dec C++ without a doubt. It’s a good solid language most of the time, but its syntax can be so damn picky that you just want to take the computer and smash into thousands of pieces. The fact that the error messages tell you next to nothing about why there’s an error is annoying.

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