Need to See a Doctor? Can Help You Find One Near You

helping doc logo is a new service operating in Delhi/NCR enabling users to find and book appointments with doctors in their area. The site has tie ups with most doctors in Delhi/NCR and offers a comprehensive list of doctors available in an area with their schedule, consultation fee and detailed profile. A quick search on the site will tell you there are a lot more doctors in your area than you ever thought!

The appointment process is detailed as follows:

  1. Find a suitable doctor near you.
  2. Look for the time slots available.
  3. Book a time slot as per your convenience.
  4. HelpingDoc will give you a call to confirm the appointment. They also call the doctor to confirm the appointment.
  5. In case there are any changes in the doctor’s schedule, HelpingDoc will inform you over the phone to reschedule the appointment or choose another doctor.
  6. In case you cancel/reschedule an appointment, they will also call you to take feedback and find out the reasons for the same.
Here is a (not very well narrated) short animated video explaining the service:

The service looks promising and covers most prominent doctors. The site is easy to use and gives you enough information to make a decision. It is extremely helpful in cases where you might want to get a second opinion.

We hope that all our readers stay healthy. But in case you do need to see a doctor sometime, is worth a shot.

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