‘n’ reasons why you should attend the BarCamp ! [Meetups]

Here’s our take of ‘n’ reasons you should visit and participate in the BarCamp, or other tech conferences in your nearest city.

Get to see the best of Startups around you.

We’re getting to see amazing Startup ideas, with innovative ideas getting proper VC funding to implement their ideas. BarCamp is a great platform to share these ideas to the geeky audience.

Get first and insightful view of the great products that big companies are releasing.

Some of ‘big’ companies present their new exciting technology and this is a great place to convince decision makers or the developers, by emphasizing why ‘their’ technology should be used.

Since there are not many tech conferences yet in India. This is great place to start and attend one.

Get goodies and a great treatment from the host.

Now who wouldn’t want good hospitality and great knowledge to learn, and the best thing is to have themĀ  together. This is exactly what’s offered. Google at Hyderabad played a great host for BarCamp5. The registered participants got free BarCamp T-shirts and other goodies.

Students, fresh engineers get to meet folks in the Industry, and know what they are upto.

This is also a great platform for students to present their amazing ideas, implemented prototypes so that any folks in the industry can advice, support and even give them a chance to develop the actual product of out it.

This way, one doesn’t have to spend time inviting ‘n’ companies to judge their idea.

Are we going ?

Yes, Swaroop from the woikr team will be attending the upcoming BarCamp#8 at Hyderabad on 11th Oct 08 and will be blogging on the event. We’ll try and do a ‘Live Blog’, depending on the resource access at ISB, Hyderabad.

There are presentations from interesting startups (Mobee, InvestmentYogi, HttpFuse).

For other location related BarCamp events, visit the homepage.

I don’t understand computers, technology and stuff, Should i be there ?

Its your call here, the primary discussion would be some how related to technological advancements, applications etc. If you’re not game for such stuff. Then you’ve got something else better to do.

For those attending BarCamp#8 at Hyderabad, leave us a comment, hope to see you there.

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