Indian Govt’s Lame Idea, ISP’s Will Now Monitor Your Usage

Well, if you understood the heading well, you must know where I am going.

We’ve been writing so often about Indian Govt’s misadventures that we are seriously considering having a separate category for it. Coming to the topic, the lame ass idea here is that the ISPs should start logging the URLs/websites visited by the users and financial transactions (Oh boy, that’s easy huh?) and have to retain it for a a period of 6 months. That means your ISP takes responsibility for a part of your privacy and can of course “Violate” it if some one (read the government) asks them to share the information. As a part of this grand idea, the govt also wants to ensure that for every website that a user opens, there is a manual form submission to continue to browse a website.

Ever heard of Encryption for god’s sake! What are you gonna doing about that?? Ban encryption just because you can’t decrypt text? You might as well ask the locksmith to give you a duplicate key to the door of my apartment and elect a dictator to rule the country.

P.S. We’re not followers of the governing, the opposition or any other parties of India. We think this is not the first nor the last dumb ass idea we’ll hear in this life time.

[Via Economic Times]

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5 Responses to this post

  1. Shantanu says:

    First they get FAIR USAGE POLICY and now this! …:X

  2. Angad Singh says:

    Agree that the whole thing is just ridiculous but technically speaking SSL can be transparently intercepted without the user knowing about it.

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