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If you are reading this article, there is a fair chance that you have read some or the other article on wikipedia – the online encyclopedia which is totally free for everyone to use. WIkipedia needs no introduction to a regular internet user. I cannot emphasize on its usability enough. Search on Google for anything, and you will find the results from wikipedia right at the top.

Wikimedia, Wikipedia’s parent company is a non profit organization which works on donations. This year, they are falling short on them. They have only been able to gather 9.9 million $ as opposed to 16 million $ they need to sustain the infrastructure to support 400 million users per month on their sites.

Every little bit counts. We urge our readers to donate whatever amount they can to the Wikimedia foundation so that everyone can continue enjoying the ad-free free internet encyclopedia as always.

Here is the link to the donate page:

Donors get an acknowledgement via email confirming their donation amount which can serve as a record for tax purposes.

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