Custom Duty Rates on Select Electronic Equipment in India

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Have you ever wondered how much it might cost to get that gadget delivered from abroad to your address in India? I have tried to Google for custom duties levied on various stuff if I get them delivered in India, but could not find any definitive information. A few days ago, I got the following information from a company which offers services to buy stuff abroad and get it delivered to your address in India. The following list contains approximate custom duty rates for various gadgets and electronic items.

Please note that the list is for information only. We are not responsible for any error in the information.

Commodity Rate
Laptop / Computers / iPad 16.85%
DVD / CD (movie) 28.85%
Other than Movie CD / DVD 16.85%
Mobiles 2.06%
Digital / Video Cameras 28.85%
Digital Still Image Camera 16.85%
Sports Equipment 16.85%
Entertainment sports equipment (like video games) 16.85%
Books FREE
Electronics / Car parts 28.85%
Computer Printers 16.85%
Hand Watches 28.85%
iPod 28.85%
DVD Players 28.85%
Cosmetics / Stationery /Toys 28.85%
Web cameras 28.85%
Sunglasses 28.85%
Hard Disk (Internal) 16.85%
Hard Disk (External) 16.85%
Processor, Modem 16.85%
Other Computer Peripherals 16.85%
Gaming Consoles 28.85%
Television 28.85%
Laptop Battery 28.85%
Apparel 28.85%
Shoes 28.85%
Artificial Jewellery 28.85%
Camera Lens 28.85%
Phone Accessories 28.85%
Cables / Wires 28.85%

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