A Decade Later, They Created C And UNIX [Bell Labs Pictures]

Ahead are some pictures from AT&T Bell Labs in the 1960s. In the very next decade from when the pictures were taken, some of these dorky looking guys created the C Programming Language so that they could write the UNIX Operating System. Later they created C++ to enhance C by adding Object Oriented features.

If you never studied Computer Science in College and don’t get who they were or simply don’t care, they were the inventors of photo-voltaic cell, the transistor (no not radio), electron diffraction that helped lay the foundation for solid-state electronics, modern cryptography, solar cell, MOSFETs and LSI chips, most of the communication standards from GSM to CDMA to WLAN. Yeah, they did invent pretty much everything.

The pictures somehow remind me strongly of The Dharma Initiative. Which makes me wonder whether these guys also discovered Time Travel and The Island.

More pictures here.

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