Read Comics on your Mac [iStrip]

Do you love comics, especially Web Comics? You’re gonna love this. Joar’s iStrip is everything you expect from a good Mac software. It’s simple, it’s awesome, it just works!

iStrip does a really simple task. It shows you the comics you love, without any hassles. It has a list of 561 comics (Yes 561!) and you can see any of them form any of the published dates. It features a simplistic interface with a window pane displaying the comic, arrow buttons to go next and back (mapped to the corresponding arrow keys), date/issue selector and a drop down showing the list of comics. Once you select the comics you follow regularly,  they are shown in a drop-down and can also be selected using the Up and Down arrow keys.

iStrip caches the comics locally by default so you don’t fetch every time you read the comic. If you so wish, you can make it pre-fetch the comics in case you want to read them offline later. The cache can be cleared on demand. iStrip resizes the window pane as per the size of the comic but you can turn the setting off and scroll manually.

If some comic that you read isn’t on the list, you can try emailing the developer. I’m sure he’ll help.

What I loved most about this software is that it let’s me unsubscribe from the comic feeds on my RSS reader. Now once a week I can sit back, relax and read all the week’s comics in a go. It’s awesome software like this that make me smile everyday for making the right choice to get a Mac.

iStrip [Thanks Bhatnaturally for the tip!]

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