How to fix iPhone’s broken Silent switch?


A major problem with the iPhone is that you can’t get it repaired easily. Last year when I broke my iPhone’s power switch, I luckily found a store in Noida that repaired it. But this time I haven’t been that lucky.

Few days back, I dropped my iPhone on the road and the silent switch broke. The phone has permanently gone into silent mode. No matter what I try (mind you, i’ve tried a lot) it just doesn’t work. In fact while trying to fix it using a safety pin I’ve made big dents on the sides 🙁 Worst of all, I’m unable to find stores in Bangalore who can fix this. Leave the spare parts issue, most of them don’t even know how to open the body.

Anyway, today after some extensive Googling, I managed to find a temporary solution for the issue. The solution is a Jailbroken app called Mirror Profile that allows you to create a schedule based on which your iPhone can have different properties based on the time as well as day of the week. I installed this app and changed my profile from “Sleeping” to “Standard”. And voila, It enabled all the ringers!

The app costs $5.99 and works well. There is a 30-day trial if you want to check if it works for you. The only problem I have with paid Jailbroken apps is that there isn’t any guarantee that they will work with the next OS upgrade.

Anyway, this solution gives you at least 30 days to find a proper fix. And it proves that there is some API that can be used to create a simple SBSettings toggle for this. If nothing works out, I might have to get my hands dirty and do it 🙂

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    • SATISH says:

      Hi charan,

      Accidentally i'v seen ur posting. I am also the victim of broken switch. Actually, ihd been trying to get it repaired. Im from Hyderabad. Here they say, they cut the iphone and repair which i never wanted. Did u happen to repair it (first time in Noida)after breaking it open or otherwise. pl give me details and also let me know the Bangalore address for me to take help.



      note: pl let me know asap

      • Mayank says:

        Install Auto Silent. Totally works and free also. Gets all the sounds back.

        • SATISH says:

          thnks for you and everyone… finally i got my ring back with autosilent. And I dont know for how long…

          let me tell all of you one thing. IPHONE is a waste. They are over possessive. And their over protective nature destroys the fun of the instrument.

          Perhaps they will loose the market in the coming years with the entry of other giants.

          any how tks.

          let the monkeys sitting in apple understand the feedback.


    • camaro says:

      this is a waste because its MISLEADING. this does NOT describe how to FIX the button but rather backdoor a way to get it to work. this was a big waste of time. i expected how to take the button OUT, nope.

  1. Mayank says:

    Thanks for the app review. really helped. my phone can now ring. but the sms tones still don't work. does it work for you??

  2. Mayank says:

    thnx 4 the info.Have you purchased the app or do you know any cracked email license?

  3. Mayank says:

    will video tones work with silent switch broken in silent state? also, where did you get your phone fixed. how much it costed

    • Chirag says:

      Yeah they will. Try it once.

      And where are you located, if you are in Bangalore or Noida, I know people who repair iPhones.

      • Rakesh says:

        I stay in Bangalore, and my iPhones silent switch broken in silent mode. Please let me know who can repair it in Bangalore, if possible near BTM area.


  4. You can use “Auto Silent” app to disable or bypass iPhone Silent switch. If your switch was broken in silent mode, it will restore all sounds including ring. Then you can use Auto Silent app to put phone into silent mode. There is SBSettings toggle to quickly mute and unmute the phone using Auto Silent app.

    The app supports iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS and OS firmware 2.2, 3.0, 3.1

    This app can also be used by those people whose silent switch is loose or accidently put phone into silent mode.

    There is provision to put phone into silent mode automatically using pre-configured settings in the app or according to appointments in iPhone Calendar.
    There is Provision to put phone into silent mode based on timer. The phone will come out of silent mode automatically once timer goes off. Useful for people who puts phone into silent mode but forget to unmute it. Useful when you go for a movie and forget to unmute once movie is done.

    More info at

    The app can be downloaded through Cydia. Search for “Auto Silent” on Cydia. You neeed to jailbreak in order to install Cydia. Search for “How to jailbreak iPhone” on google.

  5. Christopher Hernande says:

    Ring/silent Toggle works way much better than Auto Silent since it allows the sounds from games to be played, Auto Silent doesnt allow that. You can find it in Cydia

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