iPhone 4 is here, feature roundup

The iPhone 4 and iOS4 got announced on June 7th, 2010. It’s pretty close (read as “same”) to the leaked iPhone prototype that Gizmodo “found in a bar”.


As Steve Jobs said in the keynote, this is the “biggest leap since the original iPhone”. It indeed is, read further to know why

The core features of this iPhone 4 are

  • Retina Display brings 4times more pixels – Sending the resolution of the iPhone to 960×640.
  • IPS Display – Better Wide-Angle viewing (like the iPad)
  • Contrast Ratio of 800:1 which is 4 times better than iPhone 3G(S)
  • HD Video recording – Records videos at 720p (it’s HD)
  • Frontal camera for Video chat – We’ve had this for ages, but without proper network support. Finally we have it. FaceTime any one?
  • New Apple A4 processor – Developed by Apple’s own team. Supposedly manages power better.
  • Better battery life – More calls, more surfing. Yay!
  • Gyro + Accelerometer – 6 Axis motion detection – Awesome games to come up using this.
  • 5MP Camera with LED Flash and 5x Digital Zoom
  • 802.11nYes WiFi ‘n’ ready.
  • Dual Mike for Noise cancellation – Yes, now you don’t have to push your phone into your ear and talk less louder.. will ya.
  • New Stainless steel body to make it studier in case of accidental fall.
  • 24% thinner than iPhone 3GS – Surely gonna fit well in my pocket.
  • New glass material used in aircrafts and high speed trains which is 12 times harder than plastic. I am sure there’ll be a group of users who’ll still manage to break it.

The iOS4.0 as earlier announced provides

  • The OS can now support Multi tasking applications. So you can now listen to music, surf the web and tweet at the same time.. Aah paradise.
  • Has Video chat as earlier discovered by curious developers for the folks who wish to get “closer”.
  • Unified Inbox – Much awaited, helps manage multiple email boxes (I’ve got 5) and threaded conversations to make life easier.
  • iBooks – For the book worms in iPhone users
  • Folders – so that you can manage/group/categorize your apps together.
  • Home screen wallpaper
  • Tap to focus in Video
  • Spell checker

And tens of other features (100 new features).

The new iPhone is to be released in 5 countries on June 24th (pre orders starting from June 15th 2010) at a price tag of 199$ for the 16GB iPhone and 299$ for 32GB iPhone. You can bid the 2 year old iPhone 3G good bye like how iPhone 2G was killed off with the release of iPhone 3G(S).

Check out some other pictures of the iPhone are below

iPhone4-Pic5 iPhone4-Pic2

iPhone4-Pic4 iPhone4-Pic3

Go to Apple’s iPhone4 Gallery to catch up more. So what are you waiting for, Go and watch the Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote.

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  1. iPhone 4 is here, feature roundup | woikr…

    …ge/group/categorize your apps together. Home screen wallpaper; Tap to focus in Video; Spell checker. And tens of other features (100 new features). ……

  2. Saurabh Sharma says:

    Correct the price

    price tag of 199$ for the 32GB iPhone and 299 for 64GB iPhone

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