How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android


With so many awesome Android phones in the market, there will be lots of iPhone users who might want to jump the ship to Android. One of the challenges is to migrate all your contacts from iPhone to Android. Here we will present you with as few options to accomplish this easily via Google contacts.

Before you start with any of the following options, empty your “My Contacts” area in Gmail. To do this, click on “Contacts” in the left nav in Gmail, select all your contacts and then uncheck the “My Contacts” label under the “Groups” dropdown. Note that Gmail will only select the contacts visible on the page when you do a select all (using the checkbox in the header). So you might have to do this a couple of times to move all your contacts out of My Contacts.

Once you have done this, follow any of the following two options:

1. Sync your Mac address book to Google (applicable only for Mac):

  • Sync your iPhone’s contacts to your Mac’s address book using iTunes
  • Open address book in your Mac
  • Open address book preferences
  • Under Accounts tab, check “Synchronize with Google” option
  • Provide your Gmail account details

2. Sync your iPhone’s contacts to Google (using iTunes on Windows):

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes
  • Click on “Summary” in the left nav
  • Under the “Info” tab, check Sync contacts
  • Choose Google contacts from the drop down menu
  • Provide your Google account details
  • Click “Apply”

This will sync all your iPhone contacts to Gmail’s contacts under the “My Contacts” label by default (this is why we cleared that area).

Now enable contacts sync with Google on your Android device. By default, android also syncs all the contacts under “My Contacts” (you can change this, but we don’t want that for this tutorial). So you will get all the contacts from your iPhone to your shiny new Android over the air!

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  1. Chandra says:

    Hey this seems lame procedure… I have to erase all “My contacts”. Is there any other way 🙁

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