How to boost your iPhone speaker volume

Do you love your iPhone, but occasionally worry that it doesn’t match up to your friend’s phone speaker volume? If you do, then here is a non-jailbreak approach that will help you listen to your iPhone ringing or watch movies or catch internet radio the way its intended to be.

iPhone speaker

Okay, don’t curse me for suggesting you to buy another product, but this is a way that I got a chance to test today (would have been there since ages).

Here you go – you can use an external speaker. I’ve tested it one with X-Mini V1.1 Capsule speaker.


When the speaker is connected to your iPhone, the phone’s output goes to the speaker as expected. This would mean an external speaker to your iPhone.

This is automatically used when the iPhone rings too (All the speaker output goes to this speaker). The particular model referred to here is rechargeable by USB cable and you can even connect these speakers in a series connection for making it louder.

There are of course other external speakers which would behave the same way but I just found this one extremely comfortable and portable to use.

There are other jail-broken software approaches which “claim to” increase your iPhone volume, but people just say these software tweaks just gives a placebo effect – Let us know in the comments how that works out before you shell 20$ or something more to get an external speaker.

This is not an advertisement. Just happened to try this out after all this time! Can you believe it?

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