A 500mm Mega Zoom Lens For $35! [Psst: iPhone Only]

iPhone Zoom Lens 500mm

Want a 500mm mega telephoto lens without spending a bomb? Here is an option. It’s not high quality, it’s not optically stabilized but it does what it says! It maybe be a bit blurry, may have some vignetting but in the end you’re gonna upload it to Instagr.am where it’ll automagically look nice.

The kit comes with a matte black iPhone case which you can put on your iPhone. The lens can be latched onto the case and then you can use any camera app to take zoomed in pics at 500mm (35 mm equivalent). According to PhotoJojo, that’s around 8x for the iPhone’s built in camera. When you put on the lens, the camera app doesn’t auto-focus but the lens has a manual focus ring that you can use to focus and sharpen the image as a result. The kit also contains a collapsible table tripod and a cleaning cloth. The tripod lets you take steadier pictures and is light enough to carry around with the lens. You can see more pictures and samples ahead.

It’s compatible with both iPhone 4 (Verizon and AT&T both) as well as the older iPhone 3G and 3GS models. At $35, I’d recommend this to everyone as a fun accessory. Don’t expect too much of course.

[PhotoJojo via Wired]

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