10 things I wish the iPhone OS 3.0 has


The iPhone firmware upgrade 3.0 coming in June does promise most of the features people have been asking for, but here are 10 things that I long for:

  1. Disable vibration and sms/email alert tone while in a call. I feel like slamming the phone in the wall when that happens.
  2. A faster way to switch wifi/bluetooth/3G on & off. I don’t want to leave my current application to do that.
  3. Option to disable alarm when the phone is already awake and is being used. Option to set alarm volume.
  4. Taskbar notification icons for new email/SMS & missed calls. I mean WTF?
  5. A customizable pull down shortcut menu from the taskbar. Maybe it can contain switches  for battery draining services like wifi/3G/bluetooth by default and we can add other things to it.
  6. Individual signatures for each email account. I don’t want my work email and home email to have the same signature.
  7. Faster SMS app. The current one has been taking a hell lot of time to load lately.
  8. Themes. They can sell them on the AppStore.
  9. Adobe Flash support. Better still, let Mozilla develop a Firefox for iPhone.
  10. A button to attach photos while composing email.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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3 Responses to this post

  1. Mehul says:

    I like the Phone alarm idea alot (3),and ofcourse the Flash support! (Hopefully they'll announce that on June 8th). I guess I am just a huge fan of the Safari browser they have on Iphone…don't really know if Firefox can come up with something that's better! But thats just my view

  2. Swaroop says:


    You should try Firefox Fennec on Windows Mobile (https://wiki.mozilla.org/mobile). It ain't praise worthy "yet".

  3. Sailesh says:

    I always liked the the Send Message(which can be customised) option provided by the Nokia phone when you receive a call –

    It makes letting someone know that u r busy and that u have seen their call and will call back when u get free – as easy as clicking a button. I find it damn annoying when i have people call me repeatedly when i cancel or dont answer their call… I wish iPhone gives that option

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