Facebook unveils video calling

Facebook video calling logo

So, the alleged “awesome” thing from Facebook is video calling. Yeah, might be awesome for Mark Zuckerberg, but its a pretty routine thing for, you know, us Gmail users. Anyways, in addition to the video calling feature, Facebook also rolled out a redesigned chat interface & group chat. The video chatting feature has been developed in association with Skype. The new feature will add a video camera icon to the facebook chat window which you can click to initiate a video call with your friend.

Speaking at the event, Zuckerberg also disclosed that facebook has crossed the 750 million users mark and that 4 billion pieces of information are shared on it every day. Now that sounds more awesome to me than the other anouncements.

Nonetheless, the new features will be rolled out to all the users in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, if you are impatient, you can check out the video calling feature here. You will need to download & install a little plugin.

[via Huffington Post]

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