Facebook Places Now Works in India

For those already not using a hack to get Facebook Places to work in India or other un-supporting countries, Facebook today silently rolled-out "Places" check-ins in India.

This feature was actually available to me since like a week and more users are discovering this now which could mean a phased rollout by Facebook.

At the moment, it appears to work only for a few Android users while others are still seeing the error that the feature isn’t available in the region. Try hitting the "Refresh", and if it still doesn’t work – wait for the complete roll-out and official announcement by Facebook.

It’s time Facebook launched check-ins in India after Google integrated check-ins into the latest Google Maps for Android application.

It’ll take time for users to adopt this effectively with India having a poor smart phone penetration and most people use the web version for playing online games.

Hate that Facebook web version places shows "Bing Maps"? 
Here’s a quick way to get rid of "Bing Maps" and get a "Bigger Google Maps" instead.


Happy check-ins.

[Via TheNextWeb]

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