TataSky Gearing up to Launch Live Mobile TV Streaming

tatasky mobile app logo

It looks like TataSky is gearing up to launch live mobile TV streaming through it mobile app in India. Dish TV has already entered into this arena a few days back, however, users have to subscribe to a separate streaming pack in order to watch live TV on their mobile phones.

TataSky is running an advertisement on their home channel (channel number 100 on TataSky) which shows that the streaming service is coming soon on TataSky mobile. The TataSky mobile app for iOS is due for an update anyways as it is not working well with the latest iOS 7. TataSky might be planning to launch the streaming service with the next update. It is not clear whether subscribers will have to pay a separate fee than their current subscription or if the streaming plan will be part of their package.

Mobile streaming has not been much successful in India owing to poor data transfer speed from the mobile carriers. Even after the migration to 3G services, the speed and coverage is spotty and not suitable for data hungry apps. With mobile networks planning to move to next generate LTE based services, quality of such services will improve and users will be able to enjoy seamlessly.

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