Panasonic’s Augmented Reality iPhone app lets you see how your new TV will look in your living room

Panasonic viera ar simulator

This is one of those iPhone apps that you can show off. Panasonic has launched a free iPhone app (Panasonic VIERA AR Setup Simulator)┬áthat lets you take pictures of places you might want to place you new TV in, and then gives you the option to insert various Panasonic TV models to show you how the TV will look like on its actually “installed”. Very useful for people who are unable to decide whether their new TV will fit that media enclosure or not. Or for people who want to see how ┬áthe TV will look like on their wall.

Here is how the app will work:


Pretty cool eh? And since the sizes of most TV brands are same, you can use this for any brand. Here is the iTunes link.

[via TUAW]

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