Bose launches VideoWave – an Integrated TV and Home theater system


Bose has launched an integrated TV and Home Theater system “VideoWave”. The system comprises of a 46’’ Full HD LCD TV with built in Home theater system.


The 45 Kg system packs six woofers in a magnesium enclosure, seven medium range speakers and a specially designed tweeter. Coupled with PhaseGuide sound radiator technology, they shoot high frequency audio waves to bounce off adjacent walls to recreate the effect of surround sound. The surround sound is calibrated automatically via Bose’s Adaptiq technology.



There are two wires – one connects the display to the provided console, and one for power. The console has three HDMI and two component ports on the back, and one composite, HDMI, and USB ports on the front. An IT emitter is also present to control other devices. All your devices connect to the console


The system comes with a dead simple yet very useful radio frequency (no need to point towards the console) remote which features a clickpad which you can use to control the onscreen menu in an iPod clickwheel like fashion. The remote can also be used to control other devices attached to the console such as Blu Ray players and iPod dock.

Here is a short video from engadget showing the system’s internals:

The whole package will be launched worldwide on 15th October 2010 and is priced at $ 5349 in the US and INR 4,80,000 in India. The price is India is just double of its price in US. In any case, its Bose, so its got to be pricey. But selling something at double of what its worth is just insane and absurd at the same time.


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