Need for Speed – Undercover

Need for Speed, the history

NFS is being developed by EA, which was among the first series of 3D racing games out there for 5th generation consoles (or the better known 32bit gaming).

Why do we Need for Speed.. ?

NFS gives us the power, the control for an enthusiastic gamer to excel and push his talents to a new high. One needs a good graphics card like the Ge Force 9x series to take these babies out for a spin.

What’s special about this one ?

“Need for Speed Undercover features a deep and engaging story of spectacular Hollywood-style live-action that will transport players into the fictional world of the Tri-City Bay Area,” said Bill Harrison, Need for Speed Undercover Executive Producer.

As always, NFS brings out even better graphics with every release and this one which packages hot cop chases and the best cars out there to drive and trash is to hit the American stores on Nov 18, 2008. Keep your calendars marked all gamers.

This is gonna be the hottest NFS game with action cut-scenes involving Maggie Q, who has starred in huge Hollywood movies like MI 3 and the recent Balls of Fury. 🙂

Now who wouldn’t want that ? Eh ?

To watch a sample of what they mean.

  • Go to And let the teaser load.
  • Then use the light switch on the right (this is just beside the door)
  • After the light switches off, then click on the projection on the wall on the left..
  • Poof, there you go.. Maggie Q in action.

The earlier version NFS ProStreet didn’t come out that well, so this is one more reason for EA to bring the gamer’s expectations and show all the racing game enthusiasts that they’re back and better.

After all we all “Need for Speed”.


PCGH for posting the first screen shots of this game. [images]

EA – News Source

“Need for Speed” is a registered trade mark of Electronic Arts.

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6 Responses to this post

  1. Ashita says:

    ahem..we see where the love for maggie noodles come from ..wink…nice one…looks good..the site i mean…

  2. Ravi says:

    Cool blog dude! Congratulations! I really love the pleasant look it offers! Keep good content coming, and we will keep coming to woikr!

    Driving a car is one of my favorite activities outside home and is one even at home, thanks to NFS! I have not played all editions of NFS (have played SE, HP4, underground). The game offers you a ground to experiment any driving fantasies you might have! EA sure has done a great job in the past and am seriously looking forward to this new gem from EA. Thanks for the heads-up Swaroop!

  3. Ravi says:

    Man, why don't you introduce comment editing/deleting to the user who posted it?

  4. Swaroop says:

    Feed back taken Ravi, for now this theme requires modifications and wouldn't give that feature out of box. We'll add that to our programming list.


  5. Amritash says:

    Checked the undercover site,, trailer resembles it to be a mix of NFS Carbon and NFS Most wanted… obviously a higher version of details… and adding Maggie Q has spiced our “Need for Speed”…. 😉

  6. Swaroop says:


    This NFS is going to rock to a new level. NFS Most Wanted and Carbon were good, but I am desperately waiting for this one and Maggie Q of course 🙂

    Planning for a graphics card 🙂 Will post here once i get a good graphics card.

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