Another reason to be a game developer [Xbox 360]

After finishing a game when you sit back enjoying the credits, don’t you fancy seeing your name scroll through there? If the answer is yes, here is a nightmare for you.

Microsoft has launched new Xbox 360 development kits that’ll make you drool like you never did. These models come in metallic blue and matte black colors and look as hot as a piece of electronic equipment can (and should). And, if you care, they also have 1 gig of RAM to support the hefty debugger I believe. 


Xbox 360 Metallic Blue


Xbox 360 Matte Black


Xbox 360 Controller

Now’s the time to quit your boring job.

[via – Kotaku]

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One Response to this post

  1. Amritash says:

    @Now’s the time to quit your boring job.

    I wish i cud be a character developer in game… show me the way to get into it.

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