Winners of Prarthana iPhone Apps give away contest announced

shri_durga shri_vishnu

Here are the 6 lucky winners of the Prarthana iPhone apps give away contest:

Favorite Apps: Pandora, Shooter, Thunder
Winner: Shri Durga Prarthana

Favorite Apps: Clearcam, Cycorder, iBlackList
Winner: Shri Durga Prarthana

Favorite Apps: shazam, ocarina, flick bowling
Winner: Shri Durga Prarthana

Favorite Apps: GMaps, GEarth, Bloomberg
Winner: Shri Vishnu Prarthana

Favorite Apps: mxtube, macman, xgps
Winner: Shri Vishnu Prarthana

Favorite Apps: Hero of Sparta, Let’s Golf, Wild west guns
Winner: Shri Vishnu Prarthana

Congratulations to all the winners! The promo codes will be sent to each one of them in an individual email. Don’t forget to write a review of the apps in the AppStore.

Steps to redeem the promo codes:

  1. Open iTunes and login to your US iTunes Store account
  2. On the store home page, click on “Redeem Code” in the top right section
  3. You might be asked to accept the updated terms and conditions. You will have to accept them in order to redeem the code.
  4. Enter the code in the box and click submit.
  5. Your app will start downloading in iTunes. Once its downloaded, sync it to your iPhone.
  6. In case it is not synced to your iPhone, make sure it is selected in the Applications tab in iTunes for your iPhone.
  7. Enjoy! Do not forget to write a review of the apps in the AppStore :).

Thanks once again to Robosoft for providing us the promo codes for this contest. People who could not win the contest, can purchase the apps from the AppStore links given below:

Shri Durga Prarthana [$1.99]

Shri Vishnu Prarthana [$1.99]

Keep looking for more such contest @ woikr in future. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to keep yoruself updated.

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3 Responses to this post

  1. Natraj says:

    Hey thr setu, i get a msg saying this code is valid only for customers in US Stores .. 🙁

  2. Setu Garg says:

    @Natraj –

    You need a US iTunes store account to redeem codes. A US credit card is usually needed to create one. However, you can try creating one without a credit card using the steps here:

  3. Natraj says:

    Hye thanks for teh prompt reply, created an US account and its downloading mate.. thanks.. and cheers !!

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