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Will you buy a WiFi enabled washing machine?

Samsung WiFi Washer Front

Some smart shit being introduced at CES. After Smart headphones, its time for the dumb washing machines to go smart. Samsung has announced their WiFi enabled WF457 washing machine. This smart washer lets you control the machine from anywhere in the house using a smartphone or a tablet in addition to the 8 inch touchscreen (I hope its water proof):


Awesome way to market slim TVs

Just watch this video till the end. You will just love it:

Not sure if this was sanctioned by LG or not. Maybe they should run it on prime time?

Watch this 6th grader do a TED Talk about his iPhone apps

This video is a must watch. Watch this 6th grade boy present his iPhone apps at in a TED Talk with excellent public speaking skills. It might make you feel like an underachiever, but hey, what doesn’t these days?:

[via 9to5mac] Deleting Reviews which talk about their Bad Customer Service

India’s fastest growing ecommerce company is deleting customer reviews which talk about their bad customer service. Next time you are reading any product reviews before deciding to buy any products on, keep in mind that you are probably not being shown the complete picture. Read on for the full story.


Listen to this violinist play the music of Super Mario [OMFG]

This is amazingly awesome. The violinist in this video (Teppei Okada) is playing the cover music (with all the sound effects) of the super mario game being played live!


[via TIA]

iPod designer creates a beautiful learning energy saving thermostat

Nest thermostat

Tony Fadell – the guy who designed the first iPod, through his company – nest labs, has come up with a beautiful looking thermostat that learns user behavior and can help you save energy. Fadell calls it the thermostat for the iPhone generation. Here is the official video:

Amazing. The thermostat can also be controlled using your iPhone or computer from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. So, if its a cold day, you can set your desired temperature when you leave office so that you come home to a warm & comfortable temperature. Check out all the features of the device here. Here is another video of Fadell explaining the product to TechCrunch:


DrawTop lets you use your laptop as a whiteboard

drawtop laptop whiteboard

The folks at DrawTop have this innovative product to use your laptop’s back as a whiteboard. They sell this vinyl sheet for $12 which sticks to your laptop’s back and can be used as a whiteboard surface. Pretty awesome for people who are in the middle of a meeting and want to illustrate something. Whats more, the draw top comes with a set of whiteboard markers and some accessories (marker holders).

For those who have an Apple laptop, the DrawTop is translucent enough to pass the light from the Apple logo! So you won’t ruin the cool factor!

The best part? These guys ship international. Interested? Get one here:

[via TUAW]

The world’s most expensive toilet seat

Well, here is a gadget that any of us would love to “use”:


Apart from the creepy bidet coming out in a weird suggestive way, the seat looks like an awesome wish list gadget to me! The price? $6390! Want one? Get it here.

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Awesome miniature model of an Airport

There is just no end to the wonders of German engineering. The following video of an airport’s miniature model showcases the attention to detail that has been given in building it:


Purely awesome.

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Awesome San Francisco Time Lapse Video

We love time lapse videos. And this one (which is a work in progress, BTW) is awesomely cool (watch it in HD):

The City from WTK Photography on Vimeo.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the music, its Davyan Cowboy by Boards of Canada from the album The Campfire Headphase.

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