How our Alexa Rank Jumped from 400,000 to 80,000 in 2 Months

We don’t post articles about SEO. The main reason is that we don’t know how to do SEO. All we have done in 3 years is write articles about things we like and present them well without too many ugly ads.

But this one is an exception.

And we have a fair logic behind this exception. When we started out, our primary concern was getting people to read (and like) what we write. It started happening in a month or so and we were satisfied. In couple of years, our PageRank automagically went up from 0 to 3. What didn’t go up was the Alexa Rank. We kept reading that it’s a useless measure but still every other blog we followed had a great rank. A few months back, after enough reading around the web we came up with a plan.

The plan was to run an experiment for a couple of months. The experiment would implement 2 out of the many known techniques known to boost Alexa rank. And guess what? It worked, much better than we ever expected. We logged the process and ahead is a chart showing the rank increase through 2 months.

We chose the following 2 techniques based on the simple reasoning that they looked fair and simple enough to follow:

  1. We decided we will keep the blog content fresh by posting at least one “readable and worthy” article a day. The simple criterion was that a regular reader shouldn’t get pissed by the unnecessary post (I’m not sure if this one follows that criteria though).
  2. All 3 of us installed the Alexa extension on Chrome. It is negligibly intrusive and actually allows you to quickly check a site’s popularity. The good part behind this is that we visit hundreds of websites every day so it’s not only us who benefits from this.

We strongly believe that technique #1 had a much more important role to play but I’m pretty sure #2 helped too. The best part was that this also resulted in almost doubling our daily visitors.

Incidentally we also went through the reverse phase where we didn’t post regular articles and the rank actually dropped. The good thing was that the daily visitors still remain almost the same as before. Primarily because we have more content and we receive more search engine visitors compared to before.

If you run a blog, do give it a try. I am sure it will help. Maybe not to similar levels, but it will.

But of course, don’t forget that the most important thing is the quality of your content.

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