Apple TV Updated to Support 1080p Full HD Videos

apple tvapple tv 1080p full hd

The much awaited refresh of the Apple TV is here. The 3rd generation Apple TV retains the same form factor as its predecessor, but supports 1080p full HD video playback, thanks to the upgraded Apple A5 processor. The UI has also got a facelift and looks closer to iOS. The 2nd generation Apple TV also got the UI upgrade with the new software update (though the maximum resolution supported is still 720p owing to the old Apple A4 processor inside).

In addition to enabling 1080p video playback from the iTunes Store, the Apple TV should be able to play 1080p videos shot using the iPhone 4S directly, without needing any downconversion, thus improving Airplay speed. Also, photos should look a lot better with more pixels available on the screen.

To top it all, Apple has enabled streaming of previously purchased movies directly from iCloud with this update. Previously, this feature was only available for purchased TV shows and music.

The 3rd generation Apple TV is priced at $99, the same price as its predecessor which makes this refresh totally worth upgrading.

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