Ski With The New Android Snow Goggles

If you’re the ski/snow-boarding types, here’s a product for you. These snow goggles come with a built in micro LCD Display to show you the current speed, current location, distance travelled, temperature, time and much more.

With the Android integration, it can also show you the caller id/SMS messages/playlist via Bluetooth – Integration with other mobile OSs should be possible too.


Also Recon plans to release an SDK so that developers can integrate the Goggles with Android phones.  I just wish other hardware manufacturers would be as open at extending their hardware through an SDK. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your regular eye wear showing you the the current temperature?

Would some one build an app to find the Abominable Snowman please?
I’ll surely start skiing for that, oh wait where’s can I get some snow?

[Via Phandroid, Gizmodo & ReconInstruments]

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