Smallest Hotel Room In China Makes Me Feel Lucky

Long time back I saw some meme over the Internet that talked about capsule rooms in Japan. Apparently that was true. The concept has now spread to China and Shanghai has got their first Capsule Hotel.

Chinese Capsule Hotel Room

The rooms are scary small at 3.6 feet high and wide, and 7.2 feet long. Even listening to the dimensions is making me feel claustrophobic. In case you are ok with the size, each room gives you power sockets, lights, a clock, a TV and WiFi (Learn from that Indian Hoteliers!) The hotel has a public lavatory, shower room, smoking room and shared guest room.

They charge around $10 (Rs 450) ¬†for 10 hours and $13 (Rs 600) for 24 hours. It’s certainly not dirt cheap compared to the Indian hotel room rates. What surprised me really was that similar hotels in Tokyo charge $48 (Rs 2200) per night. For that price you can get a fairly good 3 Star hotel room in most cities in India!

[via MICGadget]

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