Microsoft wants you to buy gold membership to use facebook and twitter on your Xbox 360 [WTF]


I signed up for the Xbox Live update preview and got accepted. With high hopes, I downloaded the preview update only to find out that the things that can be previewed need me to sign up for a Xbox Live Gold membership! WTF?

Apparently, just like the Netflix streaming service, Microsoft is gonna make facebook and twitter available only to gold members. I can understand that they want to earn $$ from it (why wouldn’t they, they are M$), but charging a subscription fee just for using these services, which otherwise are completely free, is insane.


Tell me Microsoft, why should I pay 5$ a month to check twitter or facebook when I can easily grab my iPhone and use the services completely free? And moreover, most users will be using the services to only check for updates, unless they have the $30 messenger kit.

Since we know that you are so damn hungry for $$, here’s a suggestion for you – Just like you sell themes and game addons, sell the facebook and twitter features as addons for Xbox 360 separately, so that anyone can buy and use them. That way, even silver members can also use them.

And BTW, what’s the fucking point in accepting silver members in the preview program when they are anyways not gonna be able to preview anything? Oh, did you think you’d be able to get them to sign up for gold? Suck on it.

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  1. Shantanu says:

    Well written article.Seriously ms is money extracting company!!!!

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