LG Optimus 3D Ads Are As Lame As They Get [Multiple Proofs Included]

LG’s new Android mobile phone – Optimus 3D maybe awesome but it’s advertisements are as lame as they get. The ads try to show the viewers how a 3D mobile phone can boost their day to day life.

The first one is about a girl who can’t understand Yoga moves when watched on a normal 2D ┬áTV.


The second one is kinda like Apple Facetime ads. A dad is on a business trip away from when the baby takes his first steps.


The third is about a car salesman who nails a promotion due to a 3D car presentation to a customer.


Banged your head into the wall yet? Why not watch a video on how to do that, in 3D.

[via LGMobile Youtube Page]

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