iPad available in India for ICICI bank customers


ICICI Bank and GadgetsGuru.com are selling the iPad wifi models in India at absurd prices and calling it ‘offer’. Apparently, these morons do not know what an offer means.

Here are the details of the alleged ‘offer’:

  • iPad 16GB wifi – INR 34,999
  • iPad 32GB wifi – INR 39,999
  • iPad 64GB wifi – INR 46,999

Above mentioned prices also include the original Apple iPad case, a screen protector and free shipping anywhere in India. The offer remains even with these goodies. No 3G model is available.


The idiots have even gone to the limit of mentioning hypothetical MRPs as follows:

  • 16GB – INR 45,990
  • 32GB – INR 55,990
  • 64GB – INR 65,990


The MRP of the $40 US priced original case has been insanely mentioned as INR 5500. Surprisingly, the price of the screen protector has been mentioned reasonably at INR 350.

In addition to being seriously absurd, this is also infinitely WTF. Apple hasn’t yet launched the iPad officially in India. They still run the ‘Notify Me’ page for iPad on their site. I am not sure from where these guys got the MRP of iPad in India. Looking at the figures, it looks like they have taken the prices from ebay.

Also, since the iPad has not been officially launched in India, this one will probably ship with a non India style power adapter. However, it is not mentioned anywhere.

As always, we would recommend you not to get fooled by these so called offers and either wait for the official launch in India (god knows when) or have a friend or relative get it for you from abroad where its available at a much cheaper price.

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3 Responses to this post

  1. Swaroop says:

    Other recently released Apple products like the iPod Touch 4th Gen & the MAC Book Air have been released in India soon enough (faster than previously delayed).

    This probably explains that Apple wishes to expand its products to markets like India.

    The sad part here is that, the products (iPad and iPhone) which require data connectivity like 3G Network which are delayed could be because Apple couldn't get the Airtel or Vodafone to sign up earlier. If there's a problem with this – Airtel and Vodafone should be equal to blame.

    From what I've last heard (again tentative), iStore Hyderabad says that the iPhone and iPad are likely to be released in India in the month of Diwali i.e November 2010

  2. Gan says:

    This is a un-f*cking believable shitty scam which is stylishly called offer. what a crap it is, icici + gagdget guru two morons combined together squander money. From what i know, even the rich purchase the ipad from abroad (singapore, us etc.,). As a matter of fact, ipad 32GB wifi + 3g was purchased for 40k INR in singapore and compare this to what these imbeciles advertise. Get a Life G.Guru and icici.

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