Indian Members of Parliament (MPs) are getting iPads from taxpayers money [WTF]

ipad fail

In a nation which is challenged with issues like poverty, education, corruption and many more, the government seems to be paying no heed to citizens’ needs. The government of India has approved to reimburse the MPs in India unto INR 50,000 for iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tab. Ideally I would not have issue with such a move and will probably appreciate the gesture. But I have been to government offices and assume that the MPs must be having laptops or desktops to work on. However, they are probably eating dust somewhere in the corner of their offices. Instead of distributing more gadgets, the government should first make sure that the MPs use whatever they have been allocated currently.

The biggest disappointment is that this money will come from the tax which honest citizens pay. And now the money will be used by these MPs to play angry birds on their iPads.

I have no issues with the MPs having iPads. But first, they should make sure that citizens’ needs are met. Needs like good road infrastructure, scholarship for underprivileged students, computers in schools… the list goes on.

[PluggdIn via IBN]

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