Happy to help? Apparently not


I have to buy a new postpaid connection for my mom. Now I want to go with either Airtel or Vodafone. The decision will depend on whosoever provides cheaper calling cards for ISD.

I browsed Airtel’s website and found out the different calling cards option. To be sure, I called up their customer care and within 2 minutes, I was able to reach a customer care executive and he tells me the various calling cards available for postpaid. Period.


Next up was Vodafone. Since I could not find any info on calling cards on their website (they forgot?), I called up their customer care and chose the option – I am not a Vodafone Customer and am interested in a new postpaid connection.

After a few button clicks, I was able to reach the customer care guy (who greeted me in Hindi even though I had selected English). The conversation went like this:

Me: Can you tell me about the calling cards available for a Vodafone postpaid customer for making cheaper ISD calls?
CC: Surely sir, could you please provide me your Vodafone number?
Me: I am not a Vodafone customer yet. I might become one if I like your calling cards
CC: OK. Could you please provide me your Vodafone number?
Me: As I told you, I do not have a Vodafone number. I am currently looking to buy a new postpaid connection from either Airtel or Vodafone and that decision will solely depend on who is offering cheaper Calling cards.
CC: But sir, I need your Vodafone number to give you that information.
Me (frustrated): Can’t you simply tell me about the various calling cards available to postpaid customers?
CC: No Sir, you need to have a Vodafone number first. Moreover, how will you use that calling card if you do not have a Vodafone number?
Me (confused): Who said anything about buying the card right away, I have called up to get some info. Now I cannot first buy the connections and then evaluate the calling cards. I need to check them out before hand.
CC: I can give you info on a new Vodafone connection sir. (Then starts blabbing about it).
Me: I know everything about a new connection. I just needed info around calling cards.
CC: I am sorry sir, I cannot give you that information until I have your Vodafone number.
Me: Fine. Thanks.
CC: Happy to Help (read hell) sir !


Apparently, Vodafone has no idea how frustrating its customer care is. I mean I understand they should discourage trolling, but they were hiding the calling cards info as if I was asking for a top secret mission info which is perhaps only available to their existing customers. They might be Happy to help, but the help isn’t making the (perspective) customers happy.

That’s 1 vote down for Vodafone.

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6 Responses to this post

  1. Chirag says:

    Phew, that sounds really irritating.

  2. Karan says:

    Are they nuts, i was getting frustrated by just reading it!

  3. Aditya says:

    They just know how to make ads! the network in Bangalore sucks; goes down even after smallest of downpours!

  4. Ankur says:

    Well my airtel experience hasnt been great too!

    Month ago they charged me 100 bucks on the bill for getting parallel wiring done on my broadband…which i never request..for which an engineer never visited me! Later i found out from the local relationship centre that a request was made in my account but the requester seems to be nobody i know…wrong data entry! This month's bill is still not corrected…and 5 Service requests have already been rejected! wtf!

  5. Abhinash says:


    Nice post but i think quite old too becuase i called up the voda guys and repeated the conversation and was moved when they helped me out inspite of me no having a voda no. I think they mite have taken ur conversation seriously and changed policy. But didnt change much as i too had selected english as preference but got some one from the hindi section, thats a bit od.

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