Government of India planning to develop its own Operating System and Anti Virus [OMFG + WTF]


Apparently, Government of India is pissed off with all the cyber attacks on its servers and has decided to build its own Operating System and Anti Virus software. The government formed a high-level taskforce in February to devise a plan for building indigenous software, said a senior intelligence official who is a member of the said task force.

Senior personnel with the government believe that an indigenously developed, low grade, but clean OS and anti virus software will bring an end to infiltrating attempts from foreign shores.

“A sanitized, lower level operating system and application software may be preferred to the advanced versions, which necessarily require access to internet for upgrades,” the official said.

The officials are planning to deploy the new software in Prime Minister’s office in addition to defense, home, telecom & IT ministries.

No sensitive information will be stored on systems connected to the internet, while ministries and departments have been told to carry out regular IT systems audits. The government has also established a Crisis Management Plan against cyber attacks to be implemented by all central ministries, state governments and critical sectors, he said.

Sounds like a bad news for Microsoft & Symantec.

[via TOI]

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5 Responses to this post

  1. Amit says:

    Looks like faking news. Please post the source link.

  2. zinga says:

    well, hear it from me. TOI, always fakes news or they make news. wtf – dont believe toi and articles based on info from toi.

    nuf said

  3. shalini says:

    Setu,,,,,keep updating with the happy n sad bite of life. i love reading all these blogs.they make me more intelligent(in a way).

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