e-Zone Bangalore and the XBox 360

E-Zone: Experience Electronics, Don't Buy!

Since last week I’ve had this undying urge to buy a game console. I’ve been reading reviews watching game trailers and raiding forums to find out the perfect fit for my requirement. Based on games/price/graphics I chose XBox 360. Good job Microsoft. (You can’t imagine how surprised I am to say that!)

Anyway, since a week or so, Microsoft and some big retail chains (Landmark, Croma, e-Zone etc) have been running a Diwali offer on the XBox 360 core. You get a free 20 GB HDD (Microsoft charges 5.5k for this!) and a cool wireless controller free with the normal package. I checked with e-Zone for this on Thursday and they said that the offer will run for a week more and I can come and buy on weekend.

Come Saturday and I visited the e-Zone Koramangala all excited to get my new XBox.

Me: (Playing around with the XBox demo) “Do you have the Diwali offer right now?”
Sales Guy 1: “Yes Sir, We have the Diwali offer with us, it’s a great offer, you should buy.”
Me: “Ok, then get me one.”
Sales Guy 1: (looking surprised) “What, Sir? ”
Me: “I want to buy an XBox Core model. Please get me a box.”
Sales Guy 1: “Oh ok sir, I’ll see.” (Looks here and there finds a few empty boxes saying XBox Diwali offer and runs to another guy)
Sales Guy 2: (Comes and looks at the same boxes and starts whispering to the first guy)
Me: (Is this the first time anyone has asked for an XBox!)
Sales Guy 1 & 2: (Call another guy who comes and starts playing on the XBox demo and whispers something to the other 2)
Sales Guy 2: “Sir, wait for a few minutes, we’ll get the XBox from inside.”
Me: (Finally!)
(After some 5 minutes)
Sales Guy 2: “Sorry Sir, we are out of stock.”
Me: (WTF!) “Not even 1 box, you said that you have the Diwali offer?”
Random Sales Guy 4: “Sorry Sir, we’ll get stocks next week.”
Me: “Will they have this offer?”
Sales Guy 2: “Yes Sir.”
Random Sales Guy 4: “No Sir.”
Me: (Crying over my pathetic situation) “Yeah right, I get it.”

And, I left the store without an XBox cursing my lucky stars. Now it turns out the offer is officially over in all other places (Landmark, Croma etc) but e-Zone guys have been extra lazy not to remove the offer banners or even check their inventory!


I finally got the XBox 360 Diwali offer from HomeTown in Marathahalli. Wait for new XBox related woiks coming soon!

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13 Responses to this post

  1. Honey62022 says:

    Well i bought my xbox twice from e zone ! 1st from ezone jayanagar n 2nd time from ezone in sigma mall ! both times during diwali offers !

    My experience was preety good ! this time they knew about the offer ! got my hdd n controller 5 days after my purchase !

  2. Karan says:

    Chiku,that was hilarious!

  3. psywarrior says:


    the diwali offer is still available.. and there are about 20-30 boxes of this offer still available in bangalore..

    Ezone being the only place that has stock.. the stores located in localities like koramangala have exhausted their stock.. but if u assure them u want to buy a box they will get it transfered from another ezone.. where they have stock and give it to u in a few days..

    incase u are unable to find one of these Xbox's i will get one for u you 🙂

    and yes u will get the core + 20 gb hdd + wireless controller + 2 games = 14,990.

  4. Chirag says:

    @psywarrior: T went there twice and asked them and was going to buy the console then and there. They just kept saying the stocks will come next week.

    BTW, do you have any idea if we can get this offer in Delhi/NCR somehow. A friend of mine is looking to buy in Noida. But he can't seem to find it anywhere.

  5. Abdul Nasim says:

    Very True………….

    Last Week also the same……….. Kodak Camera + Free Laptop……………… No Stock…………………………………..

  6. Ashok says:

    Does any of these guys sell only powersupply units for XBOX 360? I bought one from US with 110V PS..that doesn't work here..

  7. Maroli says:


    U can get a Voltage converter that will cost you about 1200 INR. I had the similar problem with my XBOX and got the Vc then it started working

  8. Ashok says:

    Thanks buddy. I bought one from Media Entertainment systems at SP road for 800 bucks. This guy has everything related to gaming

  9. Maroli says:

    @ Ashok

    I am glad that i was able to help u..

    Does anyone here know where in Bangalore can i Get XBOX(not XBOX 360) games?

  10. Ashok says:


    Try calling media entertainment systems @ 080-22270058 and find out

  11. psywarrior says:

    if u are looking to buy any xbox360-playstation-nintendo, game/console/accessory.

    head over to http://www.consoul.in

    or the store

    Consoul Interactive

    #47, Mezzanine floor

    Java city, Church street

    Opp hotel empire

    Bangalore – 560001

    PH: +91-98860-34057


  12. Babu says:


    Looking to buy any xbox360-playstation. 20/40 GB Harddisk

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