MNP in India FTW


I just got my number ported from MTNL to Airtel. The process is smoother than one can expect given the situation of customer service in mobile space in India. I must say that I am extremely happy with the process and can confidently say that this is the result of extensive thought process coupled with a great design and excellent implementation.

The process is simple and is explained in the steps below:

  • Obtain ‘Unique Porting Code‘ by sending an SMS from the mobile number you want to port to the number ‘1900’ with text ‘PORT’  followed by space followed by your 10 digit mobile number you want to port. For example, if your number is 9812345678, send PORT 9812345678 to 1900 as SMS.
  • You will receive an auto generated 8 digits UPC from your operator. The first two characters of the UPC consists of  ‘Alphabets’ and remaining 6 digits will be numerical characters except zero.
  • Fill up the application form and Porting Form for the new operator.
  • Submit the duly filled Porting Form and application form along with requisite documentary proof of the mobile service provider.
  • If you are a post paid subscriber, submit a paid copy of the last bill issued along with the Porting Form and CAF.
  • Obtain new SIM card from the new service provider.
  • If your application is accepted, you should get an SMS from 1901 within 24 hours saying that “Request for porting your mobile number to <new operator> has been received and your application is in process. You might also get a call from the retention department from your existing operator requesting you to stay on the network. Just tell them that why you are switching and they will not bother you.
  • Once your number is ready to be ported, you will get another SMS from 1901 saying that “Request validated by Donor and porting Time: <date>T<Time>+05:30. Note that it may take up to 7 days for you to get this SMS. It took 4 days for me.
  • After the date and time mentioned in the last SMS, put in your new sim and you should be all set. Ignore the “+05:30” part in the time as it has no relevance. I do not know why its mentioned there.
  • You might also get welcome message from your new operator once the porting has been done.
  • Also note that there is a brief window when both your sim will be active with the same number. Do not worry as this will be fixed within a few hours of porting.
  • If you were a prepaid subscriber with your previous operator, any balance left in your account will be lapsed. So its a good idea to use up the 7 days period in using that balance :).

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