Hong Kong Gets 1Gbps Internet At $26

So you’ve been jealous of your friends in US and Europe who get over 20Mbps connections at affordable rate? Here is something that will make you cry. HKBN, a new and popular broadband provider in Hong Kong, has started a 1Gbps (Yep 1000 Mbps!) broadband connection at $26 (~ 1200 INR). I checked the website and couldn’t find any mentions of FUP or download limits whatsoever.

Here in India, I pay more than that for a 4Mbps connection with a 25 GB usage limit. Any more and Airtel will reduce the speed to a meager  256 Kbps (Yes K).

So how difficult is moving to Hong Kong?

[Convergence Conversation via Bharat]

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One Response to this post

  1. Shantanu says:

    wow!..our country does needs to work for people ..after having largest telecom and internet base!

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