BSNL launches 24Mbps broadband plan in India


Looks like folks at BSNL have finally started watching online porn over their 2 Mbps connections. And frustrated with the buffering time, they have decided to launch 24 Mbps broadband plans in India.

Here are the details of the plan (BBG Super Speed Combo 9999):


All Users

Bandwidth (wherever technically feasible)

Upto 24 Mbps

Monthly charges (Rs.)


Annual Payment Option to customers (Rs.)


Download/Upload Limit (MB/GB) per month

220 GB

Additional Usage Charges/MB beyond free download/upload limit

Rs. 0.20/MB

Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID)

1/5 MB

Static IP Address (On request)


Night Unlimited (02:00 Hrs. to 08:00 Hrs.)


Security Deposit

One Month Plan charges

Minimum Hire Period

One month

Telephone fixed Monthly Charges in Rs. #


Free Calls


MCU charges/pulse in Rs.


Committed Period for FREE MODEM* ( Type – VDSL WiFi )

12 Months

As you can see, the plan gives you 24 Mbps (that’s 3 frickin’ MEGA bytes per second) at a monthly charge of 9999 INR. The plan also has a data transfer limit of 220 GB per month with NO night unlimited option, after which you will be charged at 20 paise per MB. Also, apparently, the “plan shall be offered after ascertaining the technical feasibility of the committed speed”, which basically means the plan will only be available to people living within a range of .5 – 1 km of a BSNL telephone exchange.

With these conditions and at such high monthly rental, the plan will  probably only be used by:

  1. BSNL employees living close to a BSNL telephone exchange
  2. Rich people living close to a BSNL telephone exchange

Although, I am not ruling out the fact that BSNL is only doing good for the country by launching this plan. At least someone has the balls to offer such speeds to consumers in India. 220 GB is a decent bandwidth quota, however, we will need something close to 500 GB to do justice to such speed. And just like every new piece of tech launched in India (no matter how long back it was launched in other countries), the price has been kept absurdly high.

BTW, did I mention that they are offering 1000 INR worth of free calls every month? Plus, they will throw in a free wifi modem (wow!) if you pay them advance rental for 12 months, which, hold your horses, comes out close to 1 lakh INR after discount.

As I said, completely absurd.


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4 Responses to this post

  1. Bharat says:

    10,000 bucks…kidding me?

  2. […] the above tariff, Airtel has basically shown the finger to BSNL’s 24 Mbps plans launched a few weeks […]

  3. thrilok says:

    bsnl heading to 100 mbps…

  4. sam says:

    some one plz kick on bsnl ass plz plz…

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