Airtel sets 1Mbps as the new broadband minimum, increases FUP quota


Airtel has set a new minimum definition to broadband plans in India. Despite TRAI defining broadband as a minimum of 256Kbps, Airtel has set 1Mbps as the new minimum for its broadband plans across India, with 2Mbps being the minimum in 10 of its top cities namely Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. In addition, Airtel has also increased the FUP quota on many of its unlimited plans. This will give a lot of consolation to the power users who have been pissed off with Airtel’s low FUP quotas on its unlimited plans.

The new Airtel plans are as follows:

Top 10 cities – 2mbps:

  • Alpha
    • 3GB @ INR 649
    • 6GB @ INR 799
  • Max
    • 10GB @ INR 999
    • 30GB @ INR 1299
    • 75GB @ INR 1599
    • 150GB @ INR 1999

Rest of India – 1mbps:

  • Ace
    • 3GB @ INR 549
    • 6GB @ INR 699
  • Mega
    • 10GB @ INR 899
    • 30GB @ INR 1499
    • 75GB @ INR 1999)

4 mbps plans (Select markets):

  • Turbo
    • 10GB @ INR 1099
    • 30GB @ INR 1399
    • 75GB @ INR 1699
    • 150GB @INR 2099

All Alpha and Ace plans have Unique Bill Cap of INR 1999.

Airtel also offers 8Mbps & 16Mbps plans in select locations. Not sure why they are not mentioned here. Customers in select cities also have the option to double their speed to 4Mbps by paying INR 100 extra per month. This is a good news for existing as well as new subscribers of Airtel. It will be interesting to see what will be the response of the other operators.


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